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    Thanks for visiting Mercy Foundation, a non profit organization. You’re one step closer to exponentially changing the lives of thousands of people around the world! We put the power of change into the hands of those who need it most through microfinance loans.

  • Who We Are

    Mercy Foundation recycles underutilized and distressed commercial, industrial & retail real estate properties to provide education & support to the poor around the world by funding microloans to start or expand a business and thus create capital to benefit themselves, their family and their community.

  • Who You Help

    We help provide fair, affordable microfinance loans to underprivileged people on every continent to start or expand a business that will help them realize a better life for themselves and their family, thereby helping to eliminate poverty.

  • Why Donate to Mercy Foundation?

    Receive a substantial cash benefit through a Bargain Sale Real Estate transaction while helping those in need with a tax deductible donations of underutilized assets to help finance microloans to underprivileged people around the world. We believe in giving people a hand up instead of a hand out.


Mercy Foundation is a non profit organization that works to reduce the effects of poverty by supporting microloans to the poor across the globe. By obtaining tax deductible charity donations through the acquisition of underutilized assets, we help facilitate safe, quality financial assistance to those who need it most.  Learn more...


Mercy Foundation helps to create sustainable opportunities for people around the world by offering microfinance loans to those suffering under economic hardships they didn’t create but want to take personal responsibility for moving themselves forward. Learn more...


There are hundreds of worthy charities to donate to, but if you are the owner of an underutilized asset, then consider selling it to Mercy Foundation through a Bargain Sale Transaction and receive unique social and financial benefits. Learn more...

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